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"Our philosophy has always been to provide the highest quality of service by operating a niche practice. By concentrating on very specific areas of law we have become specialists in these area"
"We are experts in representing individuals when their applications are refused, often based on the facts that they did not obtain proper legal advice."
"Representing refugee claimants is the most satisfying work I do"

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Temporary Visas

Whether visiting, studying or working in Canada individuals must show their temporary intention to come to Canada while demonstrating their ties to their home country.

Permanent Residency (Express Entry Class opens Jan 1, 2015)

Programs include skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs, family sponsorship, refugee or humanitarian and compassionate claims.


Applications are approved by determining if the applicant has resided in Canada for three out of the previous four years from the date the application was filed.

EB5 – Investment Immigration to the United States

Obtain permanent residency in the United States with priority processing before other immigration categories. Obtain the right to live, work and/or retire in the United States.

Representing your Application

As attorneys we provide professional and ethical representation accepting only those files that our eligible and that we believe will succeed. We insure that applications are prepared with the best possible information based on the applicant’s particular case. We suggest the type of support documents necessary to insure success. We prepare our clients for interview and attend interviews with them when required.


Family sponsorship & Super Visa for parents and grandparents

History of immigration in Canada

EB5: Immigration to the USA through investment

Continuing Education Seminar on Immigration for the Quebec Bar

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