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Elected officials unite for Crossing Decarie initiative June 2018
ARTM meeting requesting train stations at Decarie Square and CSL shopping centre and a tramway on the Cavendish extension
West End Mayors unite on transport priority for Namur-De La Savane sector February 2020
Bringing CP and CN together
CP executives meet at the City of Montreal to close the deal on a trench passing through the yards for the Cavendish extension
Smart Cities presentation to Dr. Rosenberg at the JGH
New Pot hole repair truck
Press conference for my re-election 2017

The following videos capture some of our efforts for a smart city and improving transit solutions. We were finalists in the Smart City challenge and presented briefs on transit solutions for the Namur de la Savance sector, moving forward the Cavendish extension along with future train stations at Decarie Square and Cote Saint Luc Shopping centre connecting to the 27-kilometre corridor vert bike path which is being built to pass right by the Cote Saint Luc shopping centre with access to Parkhaven by way of a pedestrian walkway. Les vidéos suivantes capturent certains de nos efforts pour une ville intelligente et l'amélioration des solutions de transport en commun. Nous avons été finalistes du défi Smart City et avons présenté des mémoires sur les solutions de transport pour le secteur de Namur de la Savance, faisant avancer l'extension Cavendish ainsi que les futures gares de la place Décarie et du centre commercial Côte Saint Luc se connectant au corridor vert vélo de 27 kilomètres qui est en cours de construction pour passer juste à côté du centre commercial Côte Saint Luc avec accès à Parkhaven par une passerelle piétonne.

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Moving the Cavendish extension file forward for study at the Bureau d'audience publique


Hippodrome ceding

Cavendish Extension

Smart Cities participant Walter Perry